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Thursday, 25 August 2011


1 Sharps Sonata Oak Country Style Bedrooms

If you want a modern country style, choosing a bold floral pattern will do the trick. Beware though, in a small space, keep to smaller patterns. Sonata 

2 Sanderson Pemberley Country Style Bedrooms

Pile on the pattern if the light is good in your room - and if it's a decent size. However, keep the colour scheme simple, adding interest by varying the patterns' sizes and styles. Pemberley collection

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3 Harlequin Lucido Wallpapers Country Style Bedrooms
Make a space seem bigger by choosing a wallpaper with reflective properties. These will bounce light around and make the space seem more luxurious, too. Lucido wallpaper collection 4 Belle Masion corbeille bed Country Style Bedrooms
We love this bed - its upholstery and the combination of patterns on the headboard and at its foot creates a look that's both sophisticated and eccentric. Corbeille bed, 5 Harlequin Arboreta Wallpapers Country Style Bedrooms
If you're committing to a bold pattern, go for a motif that you really identify with, rather than one that's in fashion, whether you choose butterflies, birds or florals. Arboreta wallpaper collection 6 Marks Spencer Country Style Bedrooms
If your room lacks character, putting panels of wallpaper behind your headboard will create what looks like a focal wall. Or, you could simply wallpaper the wall behind your bed in a feature paper. Furniture, 7 Sanderson Maia Country Style Bedrooms
A very tall headboard like this one will give any room a sense of its own importance. Upholster yours in a fabric that complements the rest of your scheme. Maia collection, 8 Harlequin Tamika Wallpapers Country Style Bedrooms
Large floral prints are a staple of the country look. We love this one - big, bold and brassy. Perfect for a feminine space. Tamika wallpapers collection,
9 Sharps Evesham New Light Oak Country Style Bedrooms
If you're going for fully fitted furniture all around your room, keep the finish very light - that way it won't dominate your space. Evesham light oak, 10 And so to bed venetian bed Country Style Bedrooms
This bed is incredibly inviting - so if you can afford a four poster - or something equally indulgent - you'll instantly create a room that's ideal for relaxing in. Layer yours with throws and cushions. Venetian bed

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