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Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Statue of Liberty -There are Several Clones

The Statue of Liberty -There are Several Clones

You don't have to travel to New York to admire the Statue of Liberty. There are hundreds of replicas of this famed monument to be found around the globe. Among the Statue's better and worse versions there are several clones (presented here), which are quite impressive despite their lack of originality.

1. Tokyo. Japan.
The Statue in Odaiba Tokyo.
Japan houses at least three replicas of the Statue. The most famous one can be found in Tokyo, located close to the beach area called Odaiba, with the beautiful settings of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower in the background. It was set in 2000.

The Statue in Tokyo.
The Statue of Liberty sign in Tokyo

2. Las Vegas. The USA.
The Statue in Las Vegas.
The replica in Las Vegas is located adjacently to New York New York Hotel & Casino cutting through the skyline similar to that of the New York City. The monument is 150 ft (46 m) tall (with pedestal), which is around half-size the original Statue.
The Statue in Las Vegas by night. 
The Statue in Las Vegas.

3. Legoland. Denmark and California.
The Lego Statue, Legoland, Denmark.
Something for Lego-addicts - the replicas of the Statue in Legoland in Billund, Denmark, and at the Legoland California amusement park in the USA.
The Statue in Legoland, California.
The Statue of Liberty in Danish Legoland.

4. Birmingham, Alabama. The USA.
The Statue in Alabama.
A 36-foot (11 m) tall bronze monument stands on a 60-foot (18 m) tall granite pedestal in Birmingham, Alabama. The replica is one-fifth the size of the Statue of Liberty. It looks quite impressive at night with its continuously burning flame.
The Statue in Alabama.

5. Karmøy. Norway
The Statue in Norway.

This replica stands in the village of Visnes on the Karmøy island, Norway. The copper that the Statue of Liberty is made of was found in a small mine in Visnes. Apparently the copper from Karmøy's vein was of exceptional quality. The mine was shut down in 1972 and at present it has its own museum.

6. Paris. France.
The Statue and Eiffel Tower.
Paris has three replicas of the Statue of Liberty, all created by Bartholdi, the designer of the New York's statue. The most significant Parisian replica stands on the island of the Seine called Île des Cygnes. It faces west, toward the Atlantic Ocean and the Statue in New York City. She is three years younger than its American sister dedicated in 1886.
The Statues in Paris.

7. Taipei. Taiwan.

The Statue in Taipei, Taiwan.
The Taiwanese statue of liberty stands right outside a shopping mall in Taipei. This is a real 21st century monument with its fluorescent torch indicating an NY sign.
The Statue in Taipei by night.

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